What you see



How to see your face from a different, more relevant perspective

and why it matters more than the sum of your features



by Karolina Chic

Fair warning: 30 second read followed by a smile and bit of deep thinking on the real reason why your face is your face


Karolina Chic - authority on image and branding for personal and business success

Photo credit: Marc Louviere

Where you see two deep vertical lines at the top of my nose I see sleepless nights worrying, if we are going to make it.

Where you see lines near my mouth I see countless times my children made me smile.

Where you see wrinkles around my eyes I hear thousands of jokes my husband told me.

Where you see white hair I see the number of books I have read.

Where you see a prominent forehead I see my grandmother.

Where you see a long sharp nose I see my mother.

I am a living sculpture of my life.

Do you see me now?



Image mentor Karolina Chic doesn’t see the world in black & white. She’s the secret weapon of ambitious public figures, touring authors and public speakers ready to move from coffin chic to custom chic in the blink of her highly-trained colour-focused eye – so they can gain trust and persuade the right audience with their awe-inspiring image.

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