One Fine Day

One Fine Day is exactly as it sounds. You and I spend the entire day together doing exactly what you love doing: talking about you and your clothes, selecting your colours, organizing your wardrobe, shopping for your new clothes and playing dress up. Isn’t it amazing?


When a local TV reporter heard about that, she had her producer contact me immediately and the rest is in the video below. They came to my client’s house and filmed a real-life colour/style/image consultation so now you have a much better idea what it looks like and sounds like. What I can tell you is that it feels like heaven.




Hire me for a day. I will be physically present and available to your image needs right where you need me – in your house where your wardrobe lives. Together we will create your image that will embody you as a person inside and out from then on so your audiences will be captivated even before you smile at them. You will have my knowledge and my undivided attention accessible for the entire day.


I will bring all my props with me as my carry-on, so we will

• go through your colour analysis to find your ideal colour palette, how many colours you should wear at once and in what combination, so that you radiate health, positivity and good intentions. A calibrated personalized handmade colour swatch based on the actual colour analysis is included.

• analyze your style to define your perfect fit for every clothing item, shoe type, and accessory, so every minute detail of your body will be taken care of visually.

• analyze your wardrobe based on your lifestyle so we can specifically define how many clothing item you need so you will wear them ALL in any given season.

• spend time creating various outfits and take pictures of all of them so it will not take you longer than 25 seconds to get dressed for any occasion.

• go shopping together, if you wish.


I will teach you everything you need to know and guide you through everything you need to see to understand how to use your colours and your proper fit strategically in your image to create the impression you intend to.

I will help you create your signature style so you will find true pleasure in presenting yourself to the world unapologetically, authentically, and CONFIDENTLY in front of your desired audience.


I am entirely at your image disposal for a day. Or two.


This is an all-inclusive option with a periodic follow up and a 6 months email/messenger support.

Your life will change for good. I promise.


When you start preferring quality, you will stop wearing clothes.

You will experience them.