My mission


By sharing my knowledge of colour, style, and image creation process, I will leave this world a better place than I found it.

If helping people to improve their self-image is the way to do that, then so be it.

My Core Values


1. Integrity. I feel a strong moral responsibility, privilege, and obligation to guide you to your best interest. I put your colour and style needs first – I always respect your personality, your current mindset, your current audience, and how you need to present yourself visually right now. At the same time I want to expand your horizons and show you all the possibilities you have to create cohesive outfits that will make you feel confident that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.


2. Balance. I generally prefer quality over quantity; however finding the right balance between these two to fulfill your requirements becomes my mission. Our sessions will be filled with useful information that will be tailored to your specific image needs. I will always recommend high quality products that not only will you enjoy wearing again and again but will also help you attract the right audience.


3. Positive communication. I build open and honest relationships – creating your style and building your image is an intimate process that delves deep into who you are as a person. Honesty and discretion go hand-in-hand when you and I talk about your image. 


4. Knowledge. I pursue growth and learning – because knowledge is power. Teaching about style is so much more than showing you how to dress well. I love to watch my clients grow exponentially while they discover their personal style. This exploration changes their mindset and when this is changed, success in other areas of your life is just around the corner.


5. Impact. I am an influencer – I want to influence as many people as possible to make them see and understand that they don’t need anybody’s permission to improve both their image and their lives. I want to make a profound impact on the quality of their everyday reality.


Image transformation happens when a client doesn’t see him or herself in a mirror wearing a different outfit. They see a better and stronger person with endless potential.