You are very important to at least one person on the planet.
Dress like that important person.

My name is Karolina Chic.


I help you create a personal style that is all your own.


Style so powerful that others cannot fathom despite its clarity so they are left to admire it.


Style with a purpose.


I don’t believe in one size-colour-style fits all.


Your DNA makes you unique and sets you up for greatness

Let me show you how your image can live up to your DNA.

I help you find what you may be missing – style, class or elegance.

Whether you used to have style and lost it or never had it at all.

If you feel clueless every time you open your closet door, I am here to help.

Maybe you are trying to make it work but you are missing that finesse to dress with flair.

Even if you dress well but want to up your game, I’ll help you become the style icon in your circle.

Sometimes, no matter what you wear, no matter how much you’ve spent, you don’t end up looking like you want to – effortlessly chic. I’ll make that dream happen.

I will show you how to select an outfit in 25 seconds and look disarmingly stunning.

The clothes you wear can either limit you, or elevate you.

I have crafted my entire career around style and image.


I have worked on prestigious positions I know I never would have got if it hadn’t been for my image, although secondary to my skills. 


I truly believe that when you look and feel confident in your style, you are able to step into your potential.


My years working in television news and public relations taught me just how powerful your image can be. Looking put-together in perfectly tailored outfits and colours that compliment you changes how the world treats you. You are seen as more accomplished, influential, and important. You are able to connect and persuade people better and achieve your goals with ease.

Impeccable image is an indicator of success.

If you are


  • Ready for a positive change that will transform the way you see yourself AND how others see you
  • Gain confidence in yourself and show up as who you are without fear
  • Ready to be taken seriously in business and life
  • Tired of never knowing what to wear
  • Are ready to finally take yourself seriously and invest in yourself


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