Efficient and Effective Online

Our lives can get incredibly busy so online one-on-one sessions can save us both many valuable hours while you still get equal value. We can cover just about the same content as if we were meeting in person or focus on one specific area of your interest only – be it your colours, your brand colours, your style, or the whole package.


(Almost) everything that is possible in person is possible online.


Based on our conversation I will create your personalized colour palette (samples here) and possible colour combinations also based on your body type. You will receive a highly specific guide for every type of clothing – shape, style, width, length, right down to the number of buttons.


There is one minor difference. You and I will not be in the same room so you have to take my word when I say how colours will interact with your skin. Or try it yourself.


The end result? If you follow my advice, you will look resplendent.