1. I am a behavioural stylist.

I show you how to dress to build image that will set your mind to success in your personal or business life. Then I observe the positive shifts in your behaviour. 

2. I focus on YOU in clothes, not on the clothes on you.

Unlike the majority of others who zoom on only on your good looks, my main objective is your high self-image, high self-esteem, and confidence to achieve whatever you only dream about before you and I start working together.

3. I offer A-Z solutions in every product or service.

Depending on your desired image results, I accommodate all your needs on every level of my services.

Style is a SYSTEM.

System built on five pillars linked closely to your lifestyle, personality, style preferences, colours, and your physique. Leave one out and you have no style. Or somebody else’s.

I teach that system on every level. 

1. Whether you want to (re)build your wardrobe and don’t know where to start, Style Saviour will describe all 5 pillars of your style in detail.


2. Whether you already know which styles suit you but you want more colour in your life without spending your time and money on useless garments, Colour Breakthrough will show you exactly that from the beginning till the end so you can build your wardrobe on the only sensible thing – your best colours.


3. Whether your want to perfect your image mostly for your professional needs and every half-inch and tone difference in colour matters to you, we will go through every minuscule detail in your High Impact Image from head to toe so you can capture your audience’s attention immediately, radiate charisma, and build instant trust.

Interestingly enough, a very few style consultants know it. Most stylists out there focus solely on the last pillar – your body, while thoroughly omitting your colours or other three pillars. The reason is simple – stylists, especially fashion stylists, generally know and care very little about the importance of colour in style, so they play it by ear with often unimpressive results.

When you know the rock-solid steps and follow them, you will get the visual results you want. The steps may be rock-solid, but they are different for each of us. Not learning them can damage your personal and professional image, so you leave money on the table and in your wardrobe.

When you embrace the system and implement it into your shopping and dressing routines, your outfits will always highlight your best features, you will own your image, look very convincing, act confidently, and feel like a million dollars.

So, how am I different?

Colour is a huge part of my teaching.


Because colour is the backbone of your image and it has a phenomenal effect on your looks.

Absolutely nothing can compensate for wearing the wrong colour.

To sum up, there are three “secrets” of impeccable style:

1. If you incorporate or “wear” your personality you will instantly look unpretentious, you will gain credibility immediately, and people will like you before they even know you.

2. It’s not about the clothes, it’s about _you_ in the clothes. Fashion is irrelevant if it doesn’t serve your image needs and your purpose.

3. Successful style has three components: colours, lines, and curves all placed strategically to make you attract attention and be distinct in every room no matter the occasion.


How do you know if you’ve got style?

You have style when you


Know your best colours and you wear your colour-based clothes interchangeably so you always make the impression you want to make and look alluring in any environment.

Know all your body features and understand your silhouette from every angle so you know exactly how to build you image on your best features and look taller, slimmer, and younger.

Know how to match you wardrobe to your lifestyle, so you stop wasting money on the wrong clothes and always have the perfect outfit ready in 25 seconds for every occasion.

Know the difference between what you need and what you want. So shopping and choosing what to wear becomes drama-free and second-nature.

To sum up, style is a practical application of self-knowledge and respect of your ecosystem.

What style is NOT


It’s not something you are born with. Even the most powerful and influential people have to learn it.

It’s not about going shopping without any idea what you are shopping for or basing all your style decisions on the price only. Expensive doesn’t always mean it will suit you. Inexpensive does not always mean it won’t. 

It’s never the result of buying expensive pieces. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on clothes, if you don’t know what looks good on you – it will show in your style.

It’s never about the amount of clothes, shoes, and accessories you own because you cannot wear them all the same time, can you?

It’s never about completely ignoring how others see you. What we wear has the power to attract and repel. Dress well and you’ll attract the people and business you want and gain the attention, respect, and trust you deserve.

Fashion shouts.

Style whispers.

I offer you an absolute clarity over what to buy, what to wear and when. 


I show you how to strategically select outfits from your colour-based wardrobe like you are making moves on a chess board.


Once you do that you entered style heaven.