Karolina has entirely shifted my mindset.

Two days ago I did the unthinkable – drove back to the mall to return something just because the fit wasn’t perfect. As opposed to just hanging it in my closet alongside the dozens of other clothes I’ve bought and never worn.

I went to Dillards and selected six outfits for the summer. I didn’t even look at the price tags. I only paid attention to the colours, the fit and the textures. I even tried everything on!

It took a couple of hours but I feel totally equipped! Tonight I will go through that closet and get rid of all those unflattering, cheap, useless articles of clothing.

Amanda Vogel - Colour Breakthrough

Karolina Chic has completely changed my wardrobe, the way that I shop, the way I brand my business, and the way that I see the world.

The fact that I shop for colour and how clothing makes me feel resplendent when I go out into the world impacts every single facet of my life.

Right now I am in one of the biggest life circumstances ever, and the fact that I can put on gorgeous clothing in my colour and go out into the world to solve this current situation has made all the difference in how I move through this problem.

If you are on the path to understanding how to look and feel your best in clothing begin paying attention to Karolina Chic. I shop entirely differently now. I am surprised just how much I’d been relying on black – though I’ve been wearing it hardly ever since she came into my life.

Go with Karolina, she is your woman.

Heidi Ross - Colour Breakthrough

Karolina has expanded my horizons. I look beyond what I’d always gravitated towards. The investment of working with Karolina gives you a different version of yourself. We need a looking glass into how we can enhance our image and she assists you looking at yourself more deeply. She listens to you and opens up a door to a place where you analyze yourself in a safe, non-intimidating environment. She made me see what I project out to the world and how I can improve my image, my mood, my persona with the right colours. Her teaching became a part of me.

Catherine Finlayson - Colour Breakthrough

I took Karolina’s Colour Breakthrough online course and I loved it!

Unlike other course creators, Karolina made sure we were following her course by following up on our progress.

She is an excellent teacher! She taught me about colours, how I can use them in my business and my personal life. 

Now I can stop second guessing i the colour will be right for me when I shop for my clothes or even what I’ll wear on my videos.

The course was phenomenal and the accountability part is something a majority of courses do not have. That added to the beauty of the course and made it super effective and beneficial.

Pacita Florida - Colour Breakthrough

Just a little colour… Who knew it would change the page’s feel and message so dramatically? Karolina definitely did it! She jumped on a call with me (due to time differences, practically in the middle of the night) and spread her colour magic all over my words. With a few tweaks that she suggested the page went from ‘gloomy-grey-and-I-just-want-to-fall-asleep’ into ‘hell-yess-I-want-it-now’. 

Rita Golstein-Galperin - Brand Colour Breakthrough

The most surprising thing I discovered was that a high contrast wardrobe of black and white wasn’t really doing anything for me at all.

Karolina helped direct me to new combinations of neutrals and outlined in great depth with tangible tools what colour palette would work for me.  

I am happy I made the investment in myself and would recommend learning about colours to anyone out there who cares about their appearance.

I have new found confidence in choosing and investing in clothing. Clothing that I not only love but that I know will make me look my absolute best.

Mallory Nielson - Colour Breakthrough - Transformation

I love everything Karolina writes and says. Her words of advice are burned into my mind because they so perfectly described what shortens my legs. She’s kindled a fire I thought I lost. God bless Karolina for making us love ourselves AND look wonderful NOW.

Fran Tollett - Style Saviour

I love colour but I was possibly the most boring of women when it comes to dressing. I learned from Karolina and I discovered that I am a Bright Winter. The possibilities! It’s time to give black a break. I am on the market for a raspberry coat.

Marcela Macias de Hadzimehmedi - Colour Breakthrough - Transformation

Branding photographer

I only wish I had worked with Karolina sooner. I would have made much better clothing choices! She has not only taught me which colours are the best for me but she used a classy non-judgmental coaching style that I truly appreciated.

Jeri Walker - Colour Breakthrough - Transformation

It goes without saying that Karolina has a passion and an impressive talent for helping people look their best, and it goes deeper than that, I think. Our time together was quite enjoyable and eye opening for me. I appreciate her detailed and valuable feedback. I gained a new appreciation for colour in all applications and find myself looking at other people in a more educated way.

Ian Lysons - Colour Breakthrough - Transformation

I felt really happy to stumble across the products from Karolina. What I found was that she has a certain elegance and style that I not only admired but I also started to see how with her focus on colors and some of the basic principles are the things I could probably institute in my own life. So I was thrilled to jump in and join her courses to see that – Yes indeed! – this was a perfect match for me. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how colours work on me and make different influences on how I look and how I feel.

Susan Tenney - Style Saviour, Colour Breakthrough - Transformation

To say that Summer School of Style is life changing is an understatement. It is an eye-opening, mind altering, self-esteem boosting lesson that has given me more in twenty four hours that anything else in two decades.
Karolina always says that style is a system. Summer School of Style is that system. She made it incredibly descriptive and astonishingly accurate. No general information, only specific targeted options. Upon completion, I knew exactly what will fit me and why. Lesson after lesson I realized where I was making style and colour mistakes in the past.
I can safely say that Summer School of Style shifted the way I look at myself. Not only that. I also became more selective and focused on what suits not only my body, my lifestyle, my personality but also my colouring, which was something I learned only from Karolina.

Shannon Miller - Style Saviour

Karolina’s contribution to my wedding was pivotal. Her services were above and beyond the first time that we met. Not only because she she is an amazing teacher but she is more than that – I appreciate her dedication to me as a person, not only as a client.

Karolina’s services are invaluable and I am so grateful to have met her. Our sessions gave me the confidence to wear my wedding dress.

Michelle Anderson - High Impact Image

Rooftop shout out to Karolina Chic. I had an hour long fantastic consultation over Skype with Karolina as I mentioned to her that I hate the colours on my website. She asked extremely insightful questions, which made me realize that I was going along in the right direction and I just needed a nudge (more like a shove) to get where I want to be. What I loved about the conversation is that she didn’t tell me what to do but talked it out of me. Very thrilling!

Kalyani Pardeshi - Brand Colour Breakthrough

A big shout out to Karolina Chic on a fab session which helped me incredibly, in choosing the best colours and layout for my ads. It was an eye opening session in which I learned a lot. Highly recommended for all those designing their own ads/websites/logos.

Hira Ali - Brand Colour Breakthrough

I cannot thank Karolina enough for all of the knowledge she has shared with me. I found our time very energizing and uplifting. I’m actually excited about my wardrobe again, as I see it in a completely new light!! It was thoroughly enjoyable!

Paula Stiles - Bespoke individual consultation

Learning from Karolina made a huge difference in my life and transformed the way that I step into the world. I do not have to say a word and people see me as a confident well put together young woman who know what she is doing. And in my line of work that is incredibly important.

Trina Griep - Colour Breakthrough

Working with Karolina was truly a delight because she is very personable and I could tell from the get-go that she just loves what she does and it made me love it more than I already did. She engaged all of the senses while we were working together, which helped me for the concepts actually stick and I can now see how I can use them in so many different ways of my life.

My biggest struggle before working with Karolina was that I found really hard to weed through all the different information about colours and especially how to apply them to my own personal image. Karolina’s lessons are very clear and concise in the way that she presents ideas and keeps building them on the top of each other. I found that very helpful. It left me with a straightforward and uncomplicated way in how I can use colours in my own personal style.

What I also found helpful was working through examples together as to what colours work for me, what colours don’t but also why. I am grateful I have taken her course in my 20s because I can see I will be able to reference to it for a long long time to come. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Rebecca Vizza - Bespoke individual colour consultation

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