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My services are designed to produce head turning, traffic stopping, and breath holding image with no liability for damage caused by looking oh, so alluring. Side effect: a significant increase in your confidence level to build better life for yourself and foster more meaningful relationships. You think your confidence level is high enough? Wait and see.

I am always looking for dream clients that I can help. If that’s you, then, I will help you understand

– the art and science behind the phenomenal effect of colours you wear on the overall impression you create about your age, health, social status, trustworthiness, economic level, and (here it comes!) social, sexual, and professional desirability.

– why the comfort of perfectly fitting clothes is absolutely inseparable from your impeccable image

– what role your personality plays in when you want to look as brilliant as your ideas

– how your image is capable of building TRUST within seconds.



If you and I work together, you will look and feel compelling, convincing, and influential. Every day.

But I don’t work on 1:1 basis with everybody.

Life taught me to be selective. It always brings better results for both sides. I have a strict but reasonable set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed. Perhaps, now it’s a good time to check my Services Comparison Table to find the best fits for your style and image needs.

However, if you think you qualify for 1:1 work, here what will follow: please fill in the application. I will send you a link to book a complimentary Strategy Session with me to see if and how you and I can work together.

If I think that you and I would be a perfect fit to achieve what you want, I will help you define your biggest style dilemma and I will suggest at least two options for you during our Strategy Session that lead directly where you want to be when it comes to your style you want to wear and the image you want to create.

I will do all of this for FREE. You will have my time, my undivided attention, and my expertise at hand. If you like the plan I will design for you to start making changes immediately, then we can set up the date. OR you can go ahead and invest in one of my online courses or try to elevate your image by yourself, just as before. You might eventually get there but it will take you longer. How much longer? Years or even decades, depending how much time you invest.

If I think I can’t help you, I will politely let you know.

Either way, you will most likely find that the complimentary strategy session is the most important step you will make towards your style goal this year.

Yours in style,