Let me give you an idea what to expect

There are 3 ways how you and I can work together:





Almost anything that can be done in person can be achieved online. Our sessions can be as effective and efficient as you wish without any of us travelling anywhere. Based on your requirements we can work individually or in a small group. You can book only one session session or an entire day with me. 


or you can invest in one of my



Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your couch. My online courses take you through the exact steps I use with my 1:1 clients. Get fantastic results in your own time


  • Style Saviour – self-guided online course on style A-Z – from head to toe, inside and out – SEE preview here 
  • Colour Breakthrough – self-guided online course on colours for image and branding – SEE preview here


Please read their respective descriptions one by one in the sub-menu – Courses or click here.

First I need to know who you are and what you want so I can give you what you need.

When you are in my care I will examine and appreciate your dressing rituals and your shopping habits to understand your style struggles. I will then either help you fine tune your current style or create it anew so you can successfully portray your distinctive value that people will recognize and respect from the moment they first see you – whether you want to wear immediately noticeable outfits or radiate an aura of disarming elegance and instant connectivity with your audience.


Successful people use their outfits as powerful and irresistible force that inevitably sparks a question: What else can they do so well? People automatically and subconsciously assume that dressing well is just one of MANY of your skills and they treat you as such. In personal life and the business world.


Elevated image is nothing more than a practical application of your own pattern recognition: colours, lines and curves, and your personality and mission in this world.

Colour is the backbone of impeccable image.

The mere understanding of COLOURS you wear, how many of them at once, in what particular combination and contrast immediately upgrades your image and creates that inevitable fundamental shift in your thinking about your face, your body, the complete alignment with your person, your lifestyle, and the impression you create on others. That shift gets you from lucky guesses and hesitation to an absolute certainty automatically and instantly. Instead of hoping that your audience perceives you positively, you simply KNOW you have made a strong visual impact so you can focus on the next step – the conversation with them. You are ahead of everyone else just for the colour knowledge alone.

Why am I so resolute about colours? Because people see colours FIRST and they create an immediate emotional response to them. This is when all that ‘I like him’ and ‘I don’t like her’ happens. And it happens incredibly fast. Then and only then people see everything else. When they examine you further their subconscious mind has already made a decision if you are a foe or a friend. It’s called a confirmation bias. Since people generally do not like admitting they were wrong, they stick to their first emotion about you that was predominantly influenced by the colours you wear and they are very unlikely to change it quickly or easily.
Our brain can identify an image in 0.013 s. Imagine how fast it can identify a COLOUR. An respond to it emotionally.

A wardrobe built on YOUR colours is the only sensible sartorial solution

Colours can alter the entire perception of your appearance. They can shed a decade from your face, make your skin glowing and your smile brighter. They can camouflage everything you want to make invisible. They can make your legs longer, your arms shorter, your shoulders wider, your waist thinner, and your body slimmer. If you let them.


Nothing can compensate for wearing the wrong colours.


I teach it, I preach it, I breath it, and I love it.


Colours saved my sartorial sanity. Do you want me to save yours?


Style is a matter of architecture.

It is all and only about balancing your curves and lines to create the visual impression of a perfectly proportioned body regardless of your height, weight and the type of clothing you wear. Coordinating your horizontal and vertical lines, rounding what should be rounded and elongating what should be elongated.


As the 16th century philosopher Francis Bacon said:


‘Nature to be commanded must be obeyed.’


If you translate it into image terms it simply means: Accept what you have been given and make the most of it.

Accept what you have been given and make the most of it.

The last but far from the least is your style PERSONALITY.


When your outfits reflect who you are and what your contribution to the world is, you look genuine. This is what people are attracted to and want the most – to be around bona fide people who don’t try to impress anyone by a superficial mask to win their hearts or their business.


Mastering incorporating your personality into your image enables you to become a leader, connect with your avid followers and have raging fans that will spread only positive messages about you and your purpose FASTER than anyone else in your environment.


This is where trust naturally forms with a speed of light.

Clean look builds trust.
Polished look builds trust faster.
Impeccable style builds trust in seconds.

When people trust you, they want to be with you and around you. They want to spend their time or even their life with you. Dressing to inspire trust is the fastest way to get what you want.


Image transformation happens when a client doesn’t see himself in a mirror wearing a different outfit but when they see a person with potential, purpose, and perspective.


If this is what you would like to experience now, I assure you that you are in the best place possible.

I won’t give you outfits.

I will give you options.

I won’t give you colours.

I will give you a new world of possibilities.