How Style Charlatans Harm Your Good Looks

by Karolina Chic

Fair warning: 3 min read on how you should never follow any advice from unqualified stylists and why


Wannabe stylists, no matter their following on social media, are detrimental to your personal style. They are often unqualified to provide any solid style advice whatsoever. Judging by their own photos that they so generously share on social media, they demonstrably lack not only style, but also taste. While possibly being very nice people, they are rather inadequate for the position of asking money for any instruction that might influence the way you dress.



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Allow me to share with you 7 pieces of utter nonsense that popular self-appointed stylists, style-bloggers, and their cats disseminate among the unsuspecting public that make me scream inside.


Because they do these trusting women a huge disservice while taking advantage of them. Women who watch them, listen to them, and PAY them money for incompetent advice camouflaged as style tips.

Here is a the claptrap that should never be taken seriously.


Nonsense #1

When in doubt, wear classic colours

Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio

What? I’m sorry, what? Seriously, what? What on earth are classic colours?
Colours that people wore in the 18th century?
Colours that you wear when you go to a concert or listen to classical music?

Oh please spare me!

And why should a client have to be in doubt after hiring a stylist?

Could it be because… … the stylists are incompetent?

Afraid so.

I am a colour animal (which means properly trained in the realm of colours for image with tons of experience) and I defend my territory with buckets full of sulfur green that I spill on those who claim to be stylists and spread such rubbish when they obviously have no idea what style is actually based on.

To spare you googling and searching in vain for the answer, personal style is based on colours. YOUR colours. Colours that make you become the picture of health, optimism, and youth.

There is no “classic” colour (or a group of colours) that makes everyone look resplendent. No, not even black.

There are no classic colours, period.

Colour is a highly contextual matter. In style, that context is you.

Nothing can compensate for wearing a wrong colour on your clothes, makeup or your hair colour.

Every single person on this planet has a unique set of colours that make them look great. In other words, there are 7 billion different colour palettes for 7 billion people.
You don’t share a colour palette, you don’t inherit it (not in its entirety), you won’t make an unflattering colour work for you. Sorry.

Let’s see what colours really are.

Colour is a basic human experience.

80% of the information our brain processes are visual.

Colours create an immediate emotional response in our brains and it takes less than a second.

In image, based on the colours that you wear, people emotionally respond to your looks.

There are four categories of colour in my book:

1. Colours that make you glow when you wear them.
2. Colours that are fine for you to wear.
3. Colours that don’t do much for you but they also don’t make you look like a stretcher case either.
4. Colours that you should NEVER, under absolutely no circumstances, put on. If you want to look visually appealing that is.

To simplify the groups:
1. Great colours for you
2. Good colours for you
3. Ok colours for you
4. Colours you should run away from and never wear.

And they are different from your mom’s, your sister’s, your best friend’s, and definitely different from Beyoncé or Jennifer Aniston’s.

Smart tip: You can learn more on the topic here:

Nonsense #2

Deconstructing outfits

Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Why? What do stylists need to deconstruct outfits for? Besides, why do they need to deconstruct anything at all?

They should build your wardrobe and help you create your personal style. Not spread some general nonsense that works for models and possibly 15% of other women.

Instead, you need to learn as much as possible about yourself and build your wardrobe around your needs, your natural colouring, your style preferences, your lifestyle and no one else’s.

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Nonsense #3

“Every woman should have…”

You are not every woman! You are YOU! Why should you wear what every woman on the planet wears?


Nonsense #4


Photo credit: Lina Kivaka

Or little black dress that, let me guess, every women should have, right?

Oh my, here we go again.

This one should be taken with a grain of salt and some serious colour knowledge.

First of all, do you like wearing dresses?

Second of all, is black your best colour?

The Little Black Dress concept is utter marketing nonsense repeated 100 million times until it resembles truth.

It’s still a lie, though.

Instead, you need to find out what your best dark neutral colour is and have that dress or a pant suit made or buy it.

Only about 22% of my clients look genuinely stunning in black. The vast majority’s (78%) dark neutrals range between Navy, Charcoal, Blue Violet, Deep Violet, Burgundy, Forest Green, Dark Chocolate Brown, Coffee Brown, Camel, Taupe, and (surprise!) Red.
What does Black look like on the 78%?
or ‘I don’t know’
sometimes ‘Oh, you poor thing!’


Nonsense #5

A capsule wardrobe is for everyone

No, it isn’t!

While most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of time, there are individuals who would be bored to death being so limited. They need variety!

What about the people who wear mostly patterns?

Ah, the charlatans didn’t think about them, did they?

Doesn’t surprise me.

Nonsense #6

Wearing crisp white will give you instant status

Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Crisp white gives me the status of instant death. I look like I died three days ago in crisp white. I look pale, my cheeks are icy violet, and my face is completely overpowered by the brightness of crisp white.

My natural colouring is softer. I need a different kind of white. And so does the majority of people with soft warm and cool coloring.

Crisp white looks phenomenal on about 35% of people. What should the rest wear? A little black dress?

I have created 60 (out of 216) personalized colour palettes with no white in them at all! Yes, Autumns don’t wear crisp white well.

But what would the charlatans know?

Nonsense #7

Forcing 3 piece suits on people who prefer jeans or paisley dresses

Photo credit: Andre Lisatchok

These self-appointed stylists have no idea what a style personality is, how many categories there are, and how they can be combined.

People who wear combat boots and 76 necklaces with various stones and beads on leather strings are not even remotely interested in kitten heels or 26 inch stilettos.

Don’t listen to another word they say.

Don’t listen to anything that sounds too general and is for “every woman”.

Instead, check out this short lesson:

If you are ready for some serious knowledge that you will use as long as you wear clothes

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