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How to get rid of your scarcity mindset & start managing your money

so that you can afford things that you want, like, and enjoy



by Karolina Chic

Fair warning: 2 min read on how to stop telling yourself lies and live to the fullest


You can learn a lesson from every single person you meet. Some of them will be obvious to you, while others will come to you with time. 

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I had never had a positive relationship with money until I started making way more than I needed, just like the VAST majority of people on this planet, given the social conditioning we were brought up with, no matter the political system, the country or the continent.

Money is scarce, hard to make, it flies away quickly, doesn’t buy happiness; rich people are unhappy and greedy bastards… Then some fairy tale about a tree and so on.

More than two decades ago I worked for a single dad with two children. He was divorced, had the boys in his custody despite that fact that he had to pay alimony to his former wife. Money certainly wasn’t great and he was careful with his spending. Not to mention how demanding single parenting was and is on anyone who is or was in this situation.


This man put aside enough money to take a taxi to a bar and back and socialize once a week. Responsible dad so no drinking and driving.

This man put aside enough money to take boys on a short road trip once a month.

This man put aside enough money to buy himself several CDs (it was decades ago) to add to his HUGE collections of CDs. He loved music! And he listened to it every single morning to get himself to the right mood.

He had his priorities straight and his rituals had a military accuracy.


Do you see the excellent money management skills here?

He simply allocated the money for the things he liked and loved!

He wasn’t looking for excuses how scarce money is, how he doesn’t have enough and ask the bartender to wait until he gets a paycheck or walk to and from the bar at night to save money on the ride.
He wasn’t looking for excuses how he cannot afford to buy another CD when his favorite singer’s new CD came out. He _always_ found money for the things he wanted. Period.

This was not all.

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Every Wednesday Mr. Richardson came and raked the leaves, or cut the grass or did something useful in this man’s yard. I once asked him why he paid Mr. Richardson for simple tasks he could easily do himself. You know what he answered?

“Mr. Richardson needs money more than I do so I let him earn it. He is too proud to just take it.”


Do you see the pattern?


1. “A percentage on ME time.” Oxygen mask instructions spring to mind. God knows that he deserved it! And more. To keep his sanity intact.

2. “A percentage on what I like.” We could call it a self-care.

3. “A percentage on my family” – the boys loved it!

4. “A percentage to charity.” Simply because Mr. Richardson needed it.

5. And one day he came home with a new car he was also saving up for.

And then it hit me

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I haven’t realized how smart this financial plan with admirable precision was until I was checking the Memories on FB this morning and saw the comments of people who wrote:

“One day I will hire you.”

“I cannot wait to work with you.”

“I wish I had enough money to afford your services.”

Most of them still follow me. And nothing changed in those two, three or more years. They still hope, and desire. Without doing anything for it.

Now, some people will block me, some openly hate me already (I’m used to it), and some will step into their own financial mindset but god knows that I am writing this from a place of love.

But again, take it or leave it.


So here it comes:

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If you still think you cannot afford me after those years, the problem is not in my prices but in your inability to acknowledge that you run in the same circle without any plan.

Where is your 1-5% put away money on YOU time?

When is your “one day” going to happen?

And this one is going to hurt even more because it is as true as today is July 8.

Maybe it’s because men simply find and allocate the money on their hobbies, on their personal needs and on their ME time.

And women?

You see, I never direct anyone to borrow money to afford my service, if they mention they lack the funds. I do not offer installment plans either. The reason is simple: I don’t want you to connect your style needs with worrying about the next installment. This is why I have a single payment up front and no refund policy. I offer a lower price product instead

Interestingly enough, most of my first time clients are those quiet people in the background I had no idea that they have been following me and reading my posts because they rarely comment, if ever. They don’t negotiate, pay up front, consume the content, enjoy the service and then we either go our separate ways or we become friends.

If you want me to help you with your style, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will continue commenting on other people’s outfits, and never change your style status quo.

Either because you will lose interest in self-improvement or you will lose motivation to get out of your hamster wheel altogether.

On that note, my teenage daughter makes $250- 300 daily waitressing for about 6 hours per day. She is saving up for the university. If she wanted she could afford the highest package of my most current offer in 2 days of work.

That puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

I will leave you with my favourite paraphrased version of Grant Cardone’s quote: If you need extra $200 dollars every month, don’t try to save it. Simply make extra $200.



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