How a colour helped me feel more secure about my looks

and why you probably need to finally get acquainted with your flattering colour palette


by Karolina Chic

Fair warning: 5 min read on what’s stopping you from being fully yourself and how to fix it.


This post will be only about a bicycle for two kinds of people: those who won’t read it until the end and those unfortunate souls unable to read between the lines and connect the dots.

Here it comes:


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About five years ago I expressed an interest in biking.

Knowing my husband as I do, I asked him specifically not to buy anything for thousands of dollars because I planned to bike only every now and then.

Knowing me as he does, he listened and bought a decent but lower priced one because, you know, it’s just for ‘every now and then’.

I’ve loved biking on it since day one. We’ve explored our entire city thanks to the many generous biking trails, we were outdoors, we were spending time together, and we were moving!

Long story short. In a few short weeks we were biking almost every day for an hour or two, weather permitted.

But the seat wasn’t comfortable, the chain kept falling off, the gear system was unreliable, the pedals were not turning smoothly as one would expect them to, and it got worse with time.

Since then my husband, based on my original limiting requirements, had to buy and exchange the tires, the seat, the pedals, the chain, the braking system, the entire gear system, bought a bell, a bottle, and fine-tuned it countless times. All this required a lot of internet research to find the most suitable pieces and a great deal of labour was involved in perfecting the bike.

You probably see where I am heading.

I was, wrongly, putting the cart before the horse – price of the bike before the value of my biking experience with my darling husband.

Because he wants the best biking experience for me, he bought higher quality spare parts and the best seat there was for me.

Don’t ask me how much it was afterwards because we all know the answer.

A lot.

But my biking experience has improved significantly since my initial low biking self-esteem era when I thought I wasn’t worthy of a good bike.



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You see, every time I hear (in a call) or read (in a message) ‘I will hire you’ or ‘I will join your program after I lose weight,’ I recall me not feeling worthy of a high quality bike.

Because I was in a similar weight position twice in my life and I also thought that everything fine and dandy will happen after I lose extra weight, I can relate 100% to the way you think.

But you know what?

You are wrong.

And so was I.

Here is why.

I met the love of my life when I was at my heaviest. I thought very low of myself and attributed everything I didn’t deserve to my weight. Including him.

He was so well dressed and sooo good looking – tall, slim, curly hair, bright eyes, wide smile and the lips…

I was sold the second I spotted him entering the cafe. My first thought was: ‘Oh God!’ My second was: ‘Now he saw me and he will turn around.’

He didn’t.

I didn’t understand what he saw in me. But I turned my charm button on the max that night.

Despite my then size and recommended dark colours, preferably black, there was one thing I did differently and I was right – I wore my best colours most of the time.

Incidentally, I wore a custom made Dark True Red jacket when we first met. And this is how he remembers me – the vivacious woman in red.

Because I knew that that particular Red made me look (more) appealing, I felt more secure about my looks and, as a result, I allowed myself to be myself.

He called the next morning.

So whenever any of you use the phrase: ‘…after I lose weight,’ I know that you see the world solely through the prism of the number on your scale. And I also know that you have no idea what suits your current (slightly) overweight body.


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What’s worse,

You are giving up the power you think you don’t have.

​But you do!

You are attractive. You are attractive now. You just hide it well in unflattering outfits of unflattering colours. That’s all.

Besides, you clearly link style with being thin and you think you don’t ‘deserve’ style, so you disqualify yourself before you see your options. Just like I disqualified myself from riding a good bike. Or a charming husband.

From my own experience of possibly being once like you are now and probably feeling like you are now, I can tell you that you need to shift your perspective about dressing your current body.

I will leave you with a quote by one of the best painters that has ever walk the earth – Vincent Van Gogh:

“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ than by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”

Find your best colour and ‘paint’ yourself with it. Head to toe. Daily. So you can be yourself and silence the scale.

One of Vincent Van Gogh’s painting was sold for over a 80 million dollars in the 90s.

See you in the class.

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