InVideo – Speedy, Easy, and Versatile Solution For All Your Video Marketing Needs

Unexpectedly versatile, simple & speedy, and ultra helpful.

This is how I would succinctly characterize InVideo – the product for creating professional looking videos and the customer service of the entire InVideo team. Ever since they launched this social videos creator earlier this year they haven’t given me a single reason to doubt my decision to give it a try. But this is not the only reason why I choose this particular video editor software for my business marketing and branding. Here are three other main ones why I chose this particular video maker over any other:

Customer service like no other

This is a big one for people like me

InVideo team continuously displays a genuine desire to grow and expand this essential marketing tool based on their customers’ feedback. They listen, the respond immediately and implement everything their clientele requests or dreams about in incredibly timely fashion. Their listening skills are enviable and I can say that in three years of my online business I have never experienced such high level of professional yet personable customer support.

To illustrate, you need to know that I am one of the least technically thinking people and my relationship with anything techy, IT and softwar-y is merely lukewarm. However, I decided to make my own videos with the knowledge and experience I had at that time – close to zero. My first video wasn’t very impressive. I didn’t know where to find the tools because, just like any other normal human being, I started pedaling without checking the instructions. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know I should look for them. Just in case, I asked typical ‘silly questions’ event though the answers to them may be obvious to anyone with a brain. To my surprise Harsh, the InVideo team member who was on duty that day, not only replied promptly in this magic chat help window that I absolutely adore (more on it later) but he also offered me (!) a free video call!

Any other software guy would direct me to their blog but Harsh was the most patient, gentlest technical person I have ever met. Harsh guided me through everything InVideo had to offer at that time (they added million other templates, features, and options since then) and I felt as if it started snowing and Christmas came early!

I still don’t understand how these guys can offer such sublimely speedy and helpful 24/7 chat support  as they do. At any hour of any day they will navigate you within minutes. I once

Smooth sailing inside the InVideo

The interface and the process of creating your social media videos  inside InVideo is incredibly intuitive, which people with my prior level of experience and knowledge (remember? It was at the 0) appreciate greatly. The organization of the templates (over 100 already and counting), effects, editing features, extensive library of pictures and premium videos, the formatting options (16:9, 1:1, 9:16) and uploading your own content (pictures, videos, music) options, previews is incredibly easy. The navigation is logical and straightforward, features are illustrated, icons are relevant, even their brand colours are very pleasant so you don’t feel irritated while you work in InVideo.

Let me show you how it looks inside:

I especially appreciate the option to add a watermark or brand all of my videos the same way so my branding is consistent just as it should be.

Caring Community

Not everybody is that gushy-mushy social butterfly – I am certainly not – but the support within the group is inseparable from the entire experience with InVideo. At least for me it is. Those who dare or decide to post their videos in the group get helpful constructive criticism, highly useful nitpicking – if you don’t know the difference between a jet and a propeller like I didn’t know and use them in the incorrect fashion – that will move the needle of your video presentation to the next level. Higher level. More impressive level.

I have never, even once, felt left alone or unsupported in this new endeavor that creating my own marketing videos is. The community InVideo created in their Facebook group has the same spirit as their support team. Open, transparent, honest communication across the board, peer support , honest feedback, and cheering on each other.

Now the best part – BULLETS!

What can you create with InVideo?

•   Promo videos

•   Video ads

•   Product video

•   Social media videos (they offer three fromats – 16:9, 1:1, 9:16. So yes, for the Instagram stories as well.)

•   Text-to-video (talk about repurposing)

•   Listickles

•   Testimonials

•   Quotes

Features I love

Advanced editing – you can alter or change virtually anything in any part of your video – text, colour format…you name it.

Extensive library – ever since I upgraded to the Enterprise level my options to create professional videos and finally visually convey my written message turned into endless possibilities to attract the audience I want to attract.

High quality videos – reliable impressive images and videos to select from to make engaging videos that bring more eyeballs on my website.

In conclusion

I wholeheartedly recommend InVideo to any form of business – freelancers, self-employed people, small to medium business owners who want to create their brand awareness and marketing videos within a few hours, promote their products and services and present themselves on a professional level without paying hundreds of dollars for every single one of them.

I wrote this review because I want to help you grow your business and give you confidence and perhaps a push to try and see for yourself that creating videos is actually unimaginably easy. Below is my affiliate link. Although I will get a portion of the profit after you buy you will not pay any more than you would if you bought it directly from InVideo website. Besides, this is not my business model as I teach image and branding for personal and business success. Creating videos is my newfound business hobby. If you decide that my review wasn’t helpful and you don’t want to say “thank you for it, Karolina’ by clicking on it, that’s alright. Still, I wish you all the courage you need and success you deserve in your business!