What YOU think about your brand is irrelevant.

Your brand colours are your digital tribal wear.


Excellent colour choice penetrates your audience’s mind and triggers the responses you have planned to trigger.


The moment you turn your comodity into your brand is the moment when your brand starts working for you.


Build it from the start. Start with colours.


Stylish people do daily what others do occasionally.

The only thing that makes sense when you BUILD your wardrobe to dress with style is to build it on your colours.


But first you need to know how many of each item you need based on your current lifestyle.


I created a simple table for you so you will never spend a cent on anything you will not wear because you don’t need it.


Colour is a contextual matter.
ALWAYS see it in a context, even if that context is you.

Colour is a contextual matter. ALWAYS see it in a context, even if that context is you.


Shopping for clothes without knowing your colours is like orienteering without a map and a compass.


Once you know your colours you are so not tempted to buy all those clothes you will never wear.


The beauty of knowing your colours is that the pants that you bought two weeks ago perfectly match the driving shoes you bought last year. And if it rains, your raincoat that you bought 4 years ago just fits the (colour) bill.


You spend money on what you value.

Btw, what are you wearing?