For over seven years it has been my secret passion to work for various fashion and jewelry brands on their window displays.


Hire me to create your traffic stopping, jaw-dropping, imagination igniting alluring stories in your creative vehicles so your customers will redirect their steps towards _your_door with only one objective on their mind – to open their wallets to you and wear your products as soon as possible.


It would be my absolute pleasure (an my pride) to present you with my extensive portfolio. Due to binding contracts, which I gladly respect (as per My Core Values page), I cannot offer you any samples of my work for various clients on my website. Should you be interested, I will prepare a portfolio based on your expectations and needs.


Feel free to book a call with me here.

Please do not be deceived by my look on this particular picture. When I work on your windows I care more about them than my hair. Also, as you know, visual merchandising means working in limited spaces, with various – sometimes rather heavy – tools, and many steps back and forth across the sales floor during the day, preferably without your customers even noticing my presence, so when I finish my project within given or promised time limit, everybody is well pleased. And some people are even eager to rush to your cash registers with an increased pulse and indulge themselves immensely.