transform into living, breathing, and walking confidence


spending hours on deciding what to wear,




hesitation, frustration, and guilt related to your shopping habits,


hiding your charming personality in your clothes



all while

putting together a knockout outfit in 25 seconds flat


receiving offers for dream jobs, business deals, and speaking opportunities


enjoying fine dining (and dessert) with the embodiment of Jamie Fraser (or your beloved book boyfriend) looking sublime

even if

all your prior attempts resulted in looking like a plain Jane and feeling like your ancient aunt Agatha (bless her stuffy heart)


absolutely objectively – nothing worked before.

It’s not you, it’s the media

Every single day, without fail, there is someone telling women what is wrong with them and how to fix it. Directly or indirectly.




They have a single objective: to sell you something they produced.


When their products lack valuable benefits, they either shame or guilt you into buying it.

This season’s colour that is so unshakably IN even though it makes you look as if you ate something that rebelliously disagrees with you.


New cut for your jeans that makes most women look like various sea animals.


Absolute ‘must have’ shoes that will magically turn your human feet into hooves.


My favourite: bright orange-red lipstick that ‘everywoman’ should wear so her friends can easily mistake her for a… someone else.


Oh, and this wrinkle cream extracted from bacteria living on Venus that will make you look 50 years younger. Instantly!

Staggering statistics that will make you gasp!

An average woman spends about 1 year of her life thinking about what to wear.


Women have an average of $1,750 of clothing sitting in their wardrobe.


Even though this seems high, 9% of women have more than $10,000 sitting in their closet!


Women aged 45-54 spend $793 on clothing per year.


The average American woman makes 301 trips to the store annually, spending close to 400 hours a year shopping for clothes, books, food and toiletries.


This amounts to 8.5 years spent shopping during a typical lifespan.


(Journal of marketing research, surveys in the UK and the US, NY daily news,


Why do women spend so/too much time and money?


Because clothing is emotional!!!


It’s better to be in charge of your style than let retail be in charge of your wallet.

Even though you put your clothes on daily it doesn’t mean that you do a great job.

Look at the car collision statistics!

Women who spend money on ‘funny’ and ‘cute’ don’t understand ‘perfectly fitting’ and ‘excellent quality’.


On the other hand, when you shop solely on the price point you subliminally confirm that you do not deserve better.


At the same time, you help retailers with emptying their sales floor. With YOUR money!


Don’t use the price argument for buying more clothes you don’t need and will never wear.


There is a huge gap between clothes that are cheap or inexpensive and clothes that are a bargain.


Besides, style is NEVER about money but always about self-knowledge.


Shopping solely sale items is a short-sighted tactic.

Building your wardrobe is a long-term strategy.

Because in truth,


you don’t need more clothes,

you need better clothes.

Fashion shouts. Style whispers.

The difference between women who dress really well and the rest is that

stylish women do DAILY what others do occasionally.

Your outfits are an external expression of your opinion about yourself.


Don’t hide your brilliance, wit, and charm behind shabby clothes.


Don’t sabotage your body’s potential.


Don’t try to reinvent yourself every morning.


It is exhausting and time consuming.


Learn, implement, and dress your body as it deserves.


It has been serving you well.


The truth is that clothes that you wear either limit or allow you to do what you want to do in your life.



Do you start seeing the connection between your style and your potential?



You dress how you think you deserve to look.


But remember:



How you dress shows other people how you expect to be treated.

Why most magical makeovers don’t work and never last

They are ONLY and solely for the show  and immediate effect.


They are focused on the stylist’s skills, not on client’s needs.


The only element that is typically taken into consideration is the look.


No lifestyle, no style personality, no learning for the client. The quick results that never last.



In all honesty, most makeovers are crimes against human dignity.

This may be the most important part of this entire page.

“Malnutricious” style lacks substance and, consequently, you lack credibility.

But if you unleash the uncanny genius of your creativity and dress the true YOU, everything starts to change.


Feeling genuine will empower your self-esteem.

The positive emotion will go through you like an electric current.


High self-esteem will boost your confidence.


And in style, confidence is key!




Because confidence is the main attraction factor.


You can resist beauty but you cannot resist charm.


And confident women are typically charming, which makes them irresistible.

Inconspicuous influence of image

Style is the result of your thought and work on you.

Fashion is the result of somebody else’s.

Your sartorial preferences tell a lot about your personality.


Style Saviour is an unmatched image mastery that will forever eliminate second guessing.


What I give you is ultimately self-esteem, self-respect, and confidence.


And trustworthiness.


And respect of others.


And believability.

Not better clothes.


This is just a tool to have something visible and tangible to begin with.


Confidence to wear them and own that look to its full capacity!


The enjoyment and the subsequent events of that confidence are far greater than the level of confidence itself.


And far greater than people imagine.


You will gain a new – higher level of RESPECT, which is only one step away from success.


How is it possible?

If people respect you, it means they KNOW you. At least the part that is important to them.


If people respect you, it means they BELIEVE you, your story, and your expertise.


If people respect you, it means they TRUST you.

And TRUST is one of the few things no money can buy.

Why should you trust me?

Karolina has entirely shifted my mindset. Two days ago I did the unthinkable – drove back to the mall to return something just because the fit wasn’t perfect. As opposed to just hanging it in my closet alongside the dozens of other clothes I’ve bought and never worn. I went to Dillards and selected six outfits for the summer. I didn’t even look at the price tags. I only paid attention to the colours, the fit and the textures. I even tried everything on! It took a couple of hours but I feel totally equipped! Tonight I will go through that closet and get rid of all those unflattering, cheap, useless articles of clothing.

Amanda Vogel

entrepreneur, Mom Activated


Behind every impeccably dressed person are hours of learning, observation, and at least one invisible stylist.

Who am I?

Colour crusader, style aficionado, and grey eminence behind my clients’ style changes and image success.

I am passionately determined to make you see your potential through changes in your perception of colours and style on you.

I have been practicing being a human for around five decades and being a female for just about the same time. I am the person who will set the wheels of your style in motion.

To this day, I have read about 150 books on colour, style and image. Hungry to know everything about image, I have hired the best image mentor in the industry to teach me everything. I can’t in good conscience keep this knowledge just to myself. I feel the need to impart my experience and views on style with smart women who have a vision and a goal in their life. I know I can help them get there.

 How to look all sorts of fine. FOREVER.

If you don’t know what looks good on you, then you can be confused and terrified in equal measure.


But let me put you out of your misery.


Nobody is BORN stylish.


It is a matter of exposure, NEVER the inheritance.


Now you can be exposed to that!


Every minute detail can be made clear! In about two hours!


Style Savior will help you to get from Yes, No, Sometimes to ALWAYS.


From ‘I am not sure’ to ‘I know I look resplendent’.


Style, just like success, is never an accident.


It’s a system of regularly applied steps and strategies that work for YOU.


If you trust the system and follow the steps, there is nothing in your way to become a well-dressed confident woman.


I will show you the steps so you can


  • Have a clear sense of your style and be fully engaged in the process

  • Wear clothes that represent your personality and flatter your body

  • Eliminate all negative thoughts and social conditioning about you

  • Stop regretting what you buy and start loving what you wear

  • Feel supported in this mammoth mental undertaking

  • Do more with what you already have

  • Shop less, spend less, and wear more

  • Have more organized style and life

  • Experiment with your style more

  • Receive genuine compliments

  • Love your body as is

1. Style Saviour Minicourse

Seamless tactics for your limitless expressive self.

Eye opening, all clarifying, life changing mimicourse.

Dozens of books and hundreds of blogs will not give you the blinding clarity that Style Saviour Minicourse will deliver in mere 2 hours!

Style Saviour will help you master your ability to perceive your behavioral and natural patterns


get your wardrobe from the state of chaos to order.

Style and pattern recognition are the two sides of the same coin.

Brain loves patterns.

Therefore, the crucial element in style is a pattern recognition


  • In your silhouette

  • In your face shape

  • In your natural colouring

  • In your “shopper’s” behaviour

  • In your “wearer’s” behaviour

  • In your clothing preference

But predominantly in your thought process in every single step.

So how are we going to do that in the Style Savior Masterclass?

1. Careful observation – your style inside and out RIGHT NOW

2. Pattern recognition – behavioral (shopping, selecting, wearing clothes) and physical (description of your body) as YOU see it

3. Analysis – crown to feet so you know it once and for all

4. Modulation – practical application of pattern recognition

5. Preferences/Selection – streamlining (narrowing down or widening) your options

6. Synthesis – putting it all together

7. Summary of your Style – definitions and categories, if need be

You will gain the utmost clarity in your style that will

Make your mornings seamless.

Make your looks effortless.

Make your life easier.

Every. Single. Day.

The minicourse will give you INSTANT access to the entire content of a very successful LIVE Masterclass that I offered in July 2018.


As a future style legend you will receive a set of worksheets to create a blueprint of your style in less than 2 hours.


You will be just putting in check marks and filling in the blanks on the worksheet as you progress from lesson to lesson.


I made it as easy for you as possible.


After you complete the minicourse step by step, pillar by pillar, you will receive an irrefusable offer for an upgrade to another level of my services


which are

  2. COLOUR BREAKTHROUGH – Special Edition

Personal style is like copywriting. Even the best offer in the world wrapped in ‘beige’ words will stay unnoticed.

To make your good style great you wear your great colours only.

To make your great style tantalizing you wear them correctly.

I am sorry to break it to you ladies but you can still mess up your looks if you

•  don’t wear the right amount of colours at once

•  don’t place them strategically

•  don’t get the colour contrast correctly.

The most versatile colour is the one that makes YOU look stunning and it is easily combinable with other colours you wear.

It really IS different for everyone. Therefore, colour coordinated wardrobe is NEVER an accident.

When you wear your best colours people notice AND remember your eye colour even if they see you only once!

I will help you develop borderline obsession with colours. It’s super fun.

What’s the need?

Unflattering colours make your friend feel the urgency to call the ambulance. Let’s not stress them unnecessarily.

The colour adjustment brings instant results. You have my word.

All I ask is to think about me when you get your first compliment, unexpectedly fast. 😉

What will you get with your personalized Colour Breakthrough – Special Edition?


4 Module Colour Breakthrough Course


Style Saviour Minicourse



In this Special Edition package that saves you a $200 already you get over 20 hours of combined highly specific instructions on

colour & style

and colour palettes

and handouts,

and tables with examples

and several bonus lessons

so there is no way you will ever hesitate about a single piece of clothing you will be buying or wearing.


Practically speaking, you will get


skill to recognize your best colours immediately, knowing WHY they are your best, and thus avoiding unfortunate colour mishaps


– ability to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories so that every new piece you buy or have made fits in your wardrobe seamlessly


option to build your entire wardrobe on your best colours and always create proportionate outfits, so you will never have to waste a millisecond on choosing your clothes for any given day, event, or date.

  3. Colour Breakthrough – Transformation Package

The higher the level of service the less spaces are available.

The faster you act the better price you will get for

Your colour knowledge on a cellular level!


Colour Breakthroguh – Transformation Package is an advanced formula for your ultimate personal style.

Who is it for?


If your style is near perfection because you know how to dress your proportions to maximize the effect but you are not entirely sure about your colour options and you want to know ALL the elements to the last atom.

Not only will you get the following:

  • 4 Module Colour Breakthrough Course with all the bonuses and examples of women of every age and every possible colour season and tone

  • Personalized Colour Palette (48 colours) based on the photographs you will send to me

  • Colour Compass – typically a 3 page explanation / navigation / manual / blueprint on how to wear your colours to make your natural colouring glow – how to combine them, how to place them strategically, how many colours to wear at once for different occasions, which colours to wear for different seasons…




but also this:

1:1 consultation with me 

and also


you will receive a full colour 2 months online support from me


…because you will walk before you run.



The faster you act the better deal you will get, that’s true but not only that.


There is more!


If you buy by the end of the webinar, you will get a not one but TWO free bonuses:



Brand Colour Breakthrough Minicourse

value $97

2 hours 30 minutes devided into 6 short lessons

Brand Colour Breakthrough Masterclass was a very popular LIVE masterclass solely on the colour selection process for your brand or your personal branding.

I turned it into an evergreen minicourse so it doesn’t require my physical presence while you learn everything you need to know when you want to get your brand colours right.

Why are brand colours important?

They are not important.

They are crucial! 

Because people see colours first (before they see anything else) and they create an immediate emotional response to them.

This ‘process’ happens in only a few fractions of a second!

Get your colours right and you not only get their attention, but they will like you before they know you!

And who doesn’t want that!



30 minute 1:1 Brand Colour Consultation

(assessment and recommendation)

value $150




30 minute 1:1 Wardrobe Weedout




    You and I, your brand colours or your wardrobe, and zoom.

No one else to see how the most private tangible asset of your style will turn into your style shine.

Style is anything but superficial vanity.

It is a value of a lifetime result.


Is it doable?

Can YOU do it?

Of course you CAN!


I will show you how to make your style a triumph.

  • Style that will ultimately flow through your veins.

  • Style that is matchless and inimitable.

  • Style bone-deep, profound, and relatable.

  • Style that creates positive emotions – in you and those that see you.

  • Style that turns heads and widens eyes in admiration.

  • Style so spellbinding that seeing you dressed they will imagine how fine you must smell, how soft your clothes must be, and they will even hear the quiet shhhh sound of the silk scarf – in their minds.

  • Hypnotic style that creates immediate trust and can turn followers into clients and admirers to lover(s?).

  • Style that gives you an edge, an advantage, so that your audience is utterly smitten by your appearance.

  • Style that is beyond my ability to verbalize.

  • Style that people cannot stop talking about.

Your options await your decision

The good news is that you have options.


Even better news is that the sooner you buy the more you save.


If you are more of a DIY lady, Style Saviour – your style guide for proportionate dressing while respecting your personality, your style preference and your lifestyle will be highly sufficient.


Colour Breakthrough – Special Edition in connection with the Style Saviour will always lead you to alluring outfits of your best colours, without fail.


Should colour be the source of your style doubts and insecurities and you want to have it all and have it now, Colour Breakthrough – Transformation package is the best possible solution.



Style Savior Minicourse


instant access

all-inclusive style blueprint

self-guided study

One Payment of $500



Colour Breakthrough Special Edition

instant access

style & colour courses

A-Z self-guided study

One payment of $800



Colour Breakthrough - Transformation Package

A-Z colour

Personalized service

1:1 consultation

One payment of $1000


I know you have questions

And you are not alone. People often ask these:

Q. Will this make my bum look smaller?
A. YES! This will definitely make your bum look smaller. When you wear the right colours and the right style of clothing, even certain type of shoes can make your bum look smaller. No kidding.
Q. Can I expect to look 10 years younger?
A. Absolutely. Immediately after checkout. But seriously, strategic colour selection can and does reduce the visibility of your fine lines, therefore you look younger and your skin glows.
Q. Will I get the refund?
A. The short answer is no. Given the nature of the services delivered and my undivided attention to your colour needs (Colour Breakthrough – transformation), I do not see how I could refund you if the service is delivered. The digital courses and materials provided is a one-time purchase. If this is any reassurance I have never offered any refund and I have never received a single complaint in years either. Perhaps this might help – please do not buy my services if you do not know me, like me, and trust me, or if you dislike the tone of my voice, or my accent, my humour, my face, or anything I teach and stand for. Thus, we can both avoid disappointment and, potentially, stay friends or acquaintances at least.


Q. Will I get Style Saviour Minicourse when I buy Colour Breakthrough?
Of course! If you invest in the Colour Breakthrough – Special Edition package (the middle one, the pink one), you will get both courses and will have an instant access to both.

However, the Colour Breakthrough – Transformation Package focuses solely on your colour needs. I you would like to expand on the option of adding the Style Saviour to your Colour Breakthrough – Transformation Package, please contact me after the purchase. Everything is possible.

Q. How is Style Saviour delivered?
A. Style Saviour is a 2 hour training program. When you decide to invest in it, you will receive a link with the instant access to all 9 short lessons of the Minicourse.


Q. What is Style Saviour Minicourse?
A. Style Saviour Minicourse is a 2 hour training program, which helps you understand yourself inside and out to dress like a style icon and feel like a million dollars. You will receive a blueprint that will help you continue with your search for details, specificities of your style, and colours that will make you look resplendent. Alternatively, you can invest in one of the higher offers and let me take the burden of individual search off your shoulders and do everything for you in Colour Breakthrough Transformation Package.


Q. Nothing helped me so far. Will Style Saviour save me from the eternal style perdition?
A. Yes, it will if you let it do its work, trust the system, and follow the advice given. There will be no turning back into pumpkin. Ever. And if Style Saviour doesn’t help you to become stylish, nothing will.



I don’t know how much money you will make when you dress well.

I don’t know whom you will date or marry when you dress well.

I don’t know who will hire you when you dress well.


But I DO know that YOU will look stunning from the skin up every hour of every day for as long as you can do your buttons, if you follow my advice.

I am 100% committed to do an extraordinary job no matter what.

I know I can help every woman that wants to be helped with her style.

If that’s you and you want me to be the helper, there is nothing that would stand in our way.

Style Saviour will help you

  1. Gain deep self-knowledge on a molecular level that you will use every single day for the rest of your life.

  2. Increase your confidence to create your business and/or personal life the way YOU want.

  3. Attract the right crowds and/or individuals.

  4. Never take a picture in wrong clothes.

  5. Never doubt your appearance.

…to name a few results.

How is Style Saviour different from other options?

If you know yourself to the last atom your style will expand with thermonuclear intensity.


After searching far and wide I have never seen a book or a course that would cover woman’s style in its entirety – from head to toes AND from inside out.


What if there is no next time?

Don’t let years go by without experiencing bliss – when you confidently walk knowing you are 100% aligned inside and out.


In the uncharted territory of immeasurable sartorial heaven you will become one hell of a dresser!



Style Savior Minicourse


instant access

all-inclusive style blueprint

self-guided study

One Payment of $500



Colour Breakthrough Special Edition

instant access

style & colour courses

A-Z self-guided study

One payment of $800



Colour Breakthrough - Transformation Package

A-Z colour

Personalized service

1:1 consultation

One payment of $1000