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to understand why you are attracted to certain clothes, shoes and accessories


so you can


make your shopping faster, mornings easier, and wardrobe more organized




start wearing what makes you YOU

SPARKLING Style Personality


Clarity that will give you an extra layer of confidence


When I first introduced this lesson to my clients I was mildly afraid that they will say: What does it have to do with what to wear? They were just elated. It was the major a-ha moment. The feedback I got from the first masterclass confirmed what I always knew – you have to know the person you are dressing first. When you do, your sartorial life becomes uncomplicated, manageable, and effortless. Shopping and dressing alike.



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I show ambitious people how to have distinctive style and feel attractive permanently so they can focus on creating connections with their desired audiences and build meaningful relationships without having to worry about the impression they create on anyone ever.

What Will You Learn In This Masterclass

Masterclass Takeaway #1


As the lesson progresses it will become abundantly clear to you why you always gravitate towards certain styles. This lesson will be particularly helpful to you if you have a tendency to buy solitary pieces that you eventually cannot wear with anything you already have so they will end up in the back of your wardrobe hanging there discouragingly for eons.

Masterclass Takeaway #2


What would a style lesson be without examples from pop culture? You will get to know a few representatives from every category so you can identify yourself with them in terms of their style, observe and learn what they do well, and when they stray from their chosen path. 

Masterclass Takeaway #3


We all have it. That parallel sartorial universe that stays often unfulfilled. If there is one thing I have learned over the years while working with clients and talking to prospects, the majority of them doesn’t wear what they really want to wear. They are either afraid of the reactions they might get from their friends and family, or they are confused because they actually lead a completely different life. In this lesson you will find your way out of any confusion.

This lesson is a firm foundation of your impeccable style you can safely build your sartorial world on.

Don’t skip it!


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