mix & match ALL your clothes

without feeling frustrated and guilty for spending too much on clothes, shoes, and accessories even if you lost touch with your stylish self, dread shopping and dressing rituals, and would prefer to stay at home and unseen by public

My signature DESSERT™ method will take you from where you are to where you want to be in 7 simple steps. Or letters.

Did you know that more than 80% of the information we process in our brain is visual?


Did you notice that we are surrounded by colours? From the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we close them, we see nothing but colours everywhere. Our brain is visually stimulated through our eyes. We assess situations and make hundreds and hundreds of judgements based on the colours we see daily.


If more than 80% of the information our brain processes is visual and all we see are colours,


how important do you think colour is in your image?


I believe you found the easy answer yourself by now. Let me ask you a couple of questions:

What is the first thing you notice about a person?

How do you describe someone in a crowd?

Do you say: “He is the one that has a PhD in applied science on the left?” Or “She is the one with a sheath dress and D’Orsay shoes”?


You say: He is the good looking guy in a white shirt and jeans and she is the lady in the red dress and black heels.

You use COLOURS to describe one in many. More importantly, it’s colours that can make or break the ‘good looking’ expression.

Please meet Michelle, one of my returning clients. She was not sure about her colours before the Colour Analysis consultation. Michelle doesn’t wear accessories often so the importance of colour is crucial in her image. What was her biggest struggle?

Can you relate?

Wearing the RIGHT COLOURS for you is the key to the success of your image and your style.

But people often mistake style with fashion and the results can be almost catastrophic.

To have style doesn’t mean to follow fashion and catch up on every trend that is IN from Monday till Thursday. No.

If you follow fashion closely, you don’t have style. Sorry. You are just fashionable.

In style terms, it can be translated as the one that has no idea what looks good on them.


Fashion is not the enemy of style but it is only a small part of it.


Fashion in itself is advertisement. Clothing companies and big designers PAY to have their creations featured in fashion magazines. Readers PAY to see what they should BUY. Magazines suggest that they should BUY the gorgeous shiny moss green raincoat that looks absolutely stunning on that red haired model.

The trouble is that moss green doesn’t make everyone look stunning; quite the opposite. It makes those of us who are not meant to wear it near our face look yellow-green and unwell. So within fractions of a second we look unattractive, incompetent, in a tie with any other connotation you can think of.

Fashion never guarantees that you will be good looking. Style does.

Style today is predominantly about knowledge of yourself. If you know your natural colouring and colour palette, it will serve you as a guide to SELECT from individual fashion items.

If you want to feel ready to meet the world at your very best at all times

If you want to look fantastic no matter where you are going

If you want to make less decisions every day

If you don’t want to think what to wear

And if you are that specific person who is looking for this specific experience

Then my brand new online course Colour Breakthrough is just the thing for you.   No more embarrassment and shame feelings. Colour Breakthrough will

Give you the advantage of looking resplendent on a daily basis

Shield you from those moments that mess up your day because you don’t feel confident in your clothes

Expand your horizons in many other colour related areas of your life

5 irrefutable proofs that learning about colours will make a positive change in your image and your life

YOU will have:

100% confidence in your looks. You will know which colours make you look resplendent so your neighbors and colleagues will think you won the lottery. … and did not tell them about those expensive clothes and vacations.

100% on every first impression test you will take. Your outfits will open five more doors to wonderful new opportunities every time you enter a room.

100% wearable frustration-free wardrobe based on your great colours. You you will easily create dozens of outfits by mixing and matching individual pieces. And you will wear EVERYTHING you buy.

100% efficiency when you shop for new clothes, shoes, and accessories (like cars?). You will know EXACTLY what you want so you will have enough time to also check Burberry’s newest collection.

100% control over the money you spend on your clothes. So you will have those few extra thousands every year for your trip to St. Martin.

Colour in your image is a sensitive topic up to the moment when you know what looks good on you.

Then it becomes your asset. Your visual strength.

Your mind will feel empowered. Your confidence will skyrocket.

Experience the excitement from the compliments you will be getting from now on.


Get ultimate access to everything I know about colours so you can become your best image advisor forever.

  • You will know EVERYTHING that other professionals charge thousands of dollars for without ever telling you their secrets.


  • You will know EVERYTHING you need to shop, dress, and look just as you want on a daily basis until it becomes your second nature.


  • You will know EVERYTHING you need to achieve the ultimate stage of liberation when it comes to your everyday need to get dressed.


PACKAGE 1 – Information For just $500 you will get lifetime access to the Colour Breakthrough course, all bonuses, case studies, cheat sheets, and all colour palettes.


PACKAGE 2 – Consultation The second (middle) package for $800 includes everything what the basic Package 1 does plus AND a 60 min one-on-one online COLOUR consultation with me.


PACKAGE 3 – Transformation If you want to expand your image options further and prefer bespoke service this package is for you. In addition to Package 2, Transformation package includes your very own customized colour palette (48 colours), Colour Compass – a detailed guide on how to wear your colours, how many at once, how to combine them, how to create the right colour contrast, and which colours are suitable for specific occasions in your life. Invest more to get more. Faster. Within 48 hours from your consultation you will receive both – your personalized colour palette and your own Colour Compass. Yours for $1000

PACKAGE 1 – Information

One payment of $500

PACKAGE 2 – Consultation

One payment of $800

PACKAGE 3 – Transformation

One payment of $1000

Can you have it all? Of course you can!

I have a system that will get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Whether you just want to look great for yourself or want to build a serious professional image for your audience, the 4 Module online course Colour Breakthrough is packed with everything you need to build a 100% wearable wardrobe based on

YOUR natural colouring,

YOUR personality,

YOUR lifestyle, and

YOUR professional needs.

While enjoying your DESSERT™ in just four short weeks you will learn exactly

how to determine your unique colour direction so you will buy ONLY the pieces that you will wear

how to combine colours so you will wear everything you buy

how to look and feel AMAZING in everything you wear

how to build TRUST within seconds in any social group regardless the size


The 4 week Colour Breakthrough online program offers the best DESSERT™ you will ever have. Watch the video to find out about DESSERT™ – a simple and logical step by step method to streamline your colour choices and reach for your image perfection to build instant credibility wherever you go.

DESSERT™ is the method that I created and that helped my clients feel confident on a daily basis.

Michelle’s DESSERT™

Ddefine your tonal characteristics

Michelle is predominately bright, so her best tones will be bright. She comes alive in bright yellows, dark pinks, greens, reds, blues, and purples. Michelle also looks very chic in camel.

Eeliminate your worst colours

Implicitly, Michelle’s worst colours are dull/muted tones

Sselect your colour season/tone

Michelle does not fit into any specific seasonal category, so we will stay with the fact that she is just bright. Hence my attitude to the system…

Sselect your neutral colours

Michelle’s best neutrals are Ivory White and Navy. Because she is bright, black should also be one of her strong neutrals. Michelle doesn’t wear makeup so black makes her look tired and older. If Michelle wants to polish her nails, the most versatile option is Navy.

Eestablish your colour personality

Michelle’s personality is blue or Summer. She is careful to make hasty decisions and she doesn’t like eccentricity of any sort.

Rrefine your colour palette

See the picture below. We selected the colours for her basics, for her sports attire, for her shoes, for her accessories.

Ttailor your colour details to your body type

Michelle looks great in bright colours – patterns or solids. She has a Y body type so lighter colours and patterns will add volume to her bottom part of her body. Because she is tall and has (beautiful) long legs, she can wear bright coloured shoes to bring viewers’ focus down.

This is the most simplistic version of what DESSERT is and how it can help you determine your colours. Michelle went through the entire process, including mindset, personality traits, shopping habits, shopping manual, wardrobe planning and shopping based on her colour palette.

The biggest surprise for Michelle was discovering her own nude colour. This is how our conversation went when I suggested browns:

“Black people don’t wear brown.”

“You are not black, Michelle.”

“So brown then.”

“You are not brown either. Brown people are mostly from South Asia. You have African roots.”

“So what am I?”

And then I pulled out Medium Bronze drape and told her: “This is your nude. You will rock it with golden accessories.”

She also tried a chocolate brown dress and she looked stunning in it! I was so excited about both options that I forgot to take a picture.

You are only 2 weeks away from looking great in all your clothes

Liberate yourself from endless guessing, guilt, and frustration.

You will learn far more than just how colours interact with you. The part about how your colour preferences shape your relationships with others will be mind-blowing.

You will understand the key difference between impeccable image and just being dressed.

I have also packed tons of bonus material into the course including case studies, one-on-one strategy sessions, and cheat sheets.

Not only will you learn HOW to find your best colours, you will also have them served on a silver plate.

  Cherry on top: The course contains a dozen FREE colour palettes for different tones and seasons.


D bright, warm, dark

E muted, cool, light colours

S – autumn

S Light warm Beige and Chocolate Brown

E – Spring

R – best colour: Clear Bright Red

T – pear – ligher top, darker bottom, noticeable belt

5 basic misconceptions about colours in style and image

  1. Colours are not important, the quality of your clothes is

OMG! You are still not convinced that colour is the number one element that can make or break the score of your first impression? Ok then. Let’s talk about numbers:

Visual appearance of any given product plays a crucial role in more than 90% of your conscious and subconscious buying decisions. From this, 85% relates to colour.

If people care about the colours on products so much, why do you think they pay no attention to decide if they like or don’t like humans in clothes?

  1. As long as the colour makes ME feel good, it’s not important what others think

You are right, it’s not. At first. Yet, it is very important how that colour makes them FEEL about you. People base their thoughts on their feelings.

Every colour is associated with certain types of social experiences. So if red makes you feel great about yourself and you wear it for my brother’s funeral, people might find you… Disrespectful? Eccentric (in a negative way)? Self-centered? Any thoughts?

  1. I can wear any colour I want

I cannot agree more. As long as you absolutely don’t care about how you look.

One of the typical characteristics of colours is that they interact with your skin tone, as well. Just make sure that the colour on your clothes doesn’t look better than the film that the colour creates on your face. In better cases, it can ‘only’ make you look older or bigger. In the worst case scenario, it really can create the illusion of jaundice or worse. Still asking why they did not call again?

  1. Black is the safest colour and it goes well with everything

Yes but let me ask you a question: Do you want to look safe or great? Most importantly: Does black go well with YOU? Does it emphasize the beauty of your hair, your eyes, and your eyebrows? Or does it fill in every single fine line and wrinkle you didn’t know you have? So you look like the older version of yourself like in that creepy app that was banned?

Does black beautifully shape your slim body or does it add visible kilograms on your bottom section and make you look heavy instead?

Sorry to break it to you but as much as I love black, it is not a universal solution for every human being under the sun.

Besides, black looks washed out much faster on cheap materials than on those of a good quality. So if black is not your strongest image asset and if you are not selective, it can make you look heavy AND cheaply dressed at the same time. Would you date you? Would you hire you?

  1. What if the colours that make me look good are not the ones that I like?

Nobody can force you to wear colours you don’t like, unless your job requires you to wear a uniform. But if you have a choice, there is no way that you would hate all the colours that make you look good. You see, there are 10 million different colours. Let’s say, that only 0.00001% of them are your good colours. Would you hate all 100 of them?

Please don’t buy my course if you agree with any or all of the misconceptions mentioned above.


Dbright, warm, dark

E soft, cool, light

S autumn

Ssoft white and navy


RBest Colour: anything purple

Tslightly curvy but slim – lighter top, darker bottom

6 types of charming instructors you should NOT be taking image advice from

Fashion stylists: By definition, they style fashion, not you. You don’t have the same primary interest. They will teach you how to create harmonious outfits that will look great. And they will. But you are just a mannequin for them. How YOU look in those outfits is beyond their level of expertise.

Nodders: There are plenty of well-meaning fashion consultants out there. They will tell you that as long as you are confident, you can wear whatever you want. My question is: what do they charge you for then?

Colour Ignorant Experts: I was shocked when an established image consultant approached me two years ago. She asked me why and how exactly I work with my clients when it comes to colours. As unbelievable as it sounds, there are active image experts who have no idea about the importance of colours in your image. Yet they practice their craft on unsuspected public. They charge hundreds of dollars for their useless sessions and they give advice based on… what they like?

Package Experts: Other completely talented image instructors will try to put you in a specific colour season box. They will send you home with colour swatches described as your colours because they were trained to do so. The trouble is that colours do not work like that. Colours don’t know human boundaries. You are certainly not destined to wear the same 48 colours that are in their training manual for the rest of your life.

Drape Addicts: These well intentioned good souls have no theoretical knowledge about colours so they will try to mask it by placing two thousand drapes near your face until you are in a coma.

Witchcraft Practicers: The wonderful people of the Black Magic Brotherhood! They will tell you, without any concern for your natural colouring, your lifestyle, or your current wardrobe needs that black is the best solution for everybody for any occasion at any time of the day. From your first job interview to your wedding to a funeral (including your own). I rest my case.


Each of us is a little bit different even from our nearest blood relatives. NOBODY on the planet has exactly the same eye colour, skin tone, and hair colour as you do. Not to mention the combination of them. As a result, your colour palette is as unique as you are. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.


Dlight, soft, cool

Edark, bright, warm

S – blue summer (the bluest I have ever worked with)

SIvory White and Pine Green


RBest Colour: medium blue

Toval – monochromatic outfits

7 indisputable reasons why you should learn about your colours NOW

No matter if you buy Chanel or Gap: If you have no idea that there is such a thing as a personal colour palette then there is no better time than NOW to get it.

No matter if you are a lawyer, gym owner, or a nurse: If you have always wanted to try new colours but you weren’t sure how they are going to make you look, now is the right time to find out.

No matter if you wear pants or a dress: Do you want to look attractive to find a new partner? The colours you wear will be a deciding factor if your first date will be the last one or not.

No matter how long you are together: Your natural colouring does change overtime. If you want to stay attractive for the one you have chosen and decided to be with for better and for worse, don’t let your colours be the worst part. Adjust them to nature’s pace.

No matter where on the planet you live: You need to look presentable, because, you know, we are creatures that wear clothes. And once we have decided to wear them, we might try to look our best as well. You are a unique individual expression of life. Grab your chance to learn about your colour ingredients NOW to look resplendent. Share your essence with the world.

No matter what holidays you celebrate or if you celebrate at all: If you keep getting Christmas scarves and sweaters matching exactly…NOTHING in your wardrobe, now it’s time to show your friends and relatives the colours that you will actually wear. They will love you for that even more because you will make their lives easier, too. So the upcoming season will bear no feelings of regret or guilt on any side. You will not have to wear anything you hate just to please the givers.

No matter how much money you spend on your looks: If you don’t get your colours right, nothing will compensate for wearing them, regardless the price you paid for the Dolce & Gabana suit. And that Burberry belt. And those Jimmy Choo shoes. And that Prada handbag. There is a consolation prize, though: you might look expensive. But that’s about it. Is that what you want?


Dlight, cool, soft

E dark, warm, bright

S – blue summer

SIvory and Navy

E Summer

RBest colour: Dark Teal

Tsquare – monochromatic or analogous outfits

Why should you trust me when I talk about colours?

It goes without saying you have a passion and an impressive talent for helping people look their best, and it goes deeper than that, I think. Our time together was quite enjoyable and eye opening for me. Thank you so much for the detailed and valuable feedback. I gained a new appreciation for colour in all applications and find myself looking at other people in a more educated way.

Ian Lysons

operation manager

Karolina is able to teach according to my learning style. She listened to what knowledge I brought to the table and then she presented so I was energized. It was all exciting and new. I left feeling that I have gained so much more knowledge that I anticipated that I would learn. This investment is different from what we are used to. We are used to tactile, material things that disappear. But my education with Karolina actually is life-long. Now I have taken my vision of myself, of my wardrobe, of my fashion, and my desires what I want in my wardrobe and what I want to wear to a higher level.

Catherine Finlayson

clinical relations and education consultant

Karolina has taught me about the value and importance of wearing MY colors and what wearing my colors does for me when I interact with others. I shop entirely differently now! And I love all the items in my wardrobe. I get up and simply get dressed. I love how I feel in my clothing and colors.

Heidi Ross


Karolina has entirely shifted my mindset. Two days ago I did the unthinkable – drove back to the mall to return something just because the fit wasn’t perfect. As opposed to just hanging it in my closet alongside the dozens of other clothes I’ve bought and never worn. I went to Dillards and selected six outfits for the summer. I didn’t even look at the price tags. I only paid attention to the colours, the fit and the textures. I even tried everything on! It took a couple of hours but I feel totally equipped! Tonight I will go through that closet and get rid of all those unflattering, cheap, useless articles of clothing.

Amanda Vogel

the mastermind behind successful masterminds

I took Karolina’s Colour Breakthrough online course and I loved it! Unlike other course creators, Karolina made sure we were following her course by following up on our progress. She is an excellent teacher! She taught me about colours, how I can use them in my business and my personal life. Now I can stop second guessing IF the colour will be right for me when I shop for my clothes or even what I’ll wear on my videos. The course was phenomenal and the accountability part is something a majority of courses do not have. That added to the beauty of the course and made it super effective and beneficial.

Pacita Florida

The most surprising thing I discovered was that a high contrast wardrobe of black and white wasn’t really doing anything for me at all. Karolina helped direct me to new combinations of neutrals and outlined in great depth with tangible tools what colour palette would work for me.

Mallory Nielson

online shop owner

Karolina’s contribution to my wedding was pivotal. Her services were above and beyond the first time that we met. Not only because she she is an amazing teacher but she is more than that – I appreciate her dedication to me as a person, not only as a client. Karolina’s services are invaluable and I am so grateful to have met her. Our sessions gave me the confidence to wear my wedding dress.

Michelle Anderson


I cannot thank Karolina enough for all of the knowledge she has shared with me. I found our time very energizing and uplifting. I’m actually excited about my wardrobe again, as I see it in a completely new light!! It was thoroughly enjoyable!

Paula Stiles


Ready to be my next success story?

It doesn’t matter what part of the world your parents come from, what you do, or how many pairs of shoes you own. My ONLY interest is your satisfaction. I want you to make informed colour choices. KNOWING you look stunning. FEELING it in every fiber of your being. Radiating it so strongly that people open the door for you because you look like you are used to it. They trust you before they know you and they like you because you look and act like a better version of themselves. Several courses on colour and image, 109 books on colour, and dozens and dozens of clients in five years. All I can say is: Stuff the system, I put my clients first!   Karolina Chic, mentor for image and branding for personal and business success.

Can learning about colours change your life?


  • You will never have to ask anyone IF a colour suits you, you will KNOW!


  • You will be able to choose your outfits in 25 seconds.


  • You will save so much money that you might start collecting archive wines.


  • You will have only positive feelings about your clothes and your energy will be contagious.


  • You will become such an expert that your friends will pay you for your advice on colours.


Dcool, light, soft

E warm, dark colours

S – light summer/blue summer

SWhite and Navy


Rbest colour: Royal Blue

Toval – monochromatic outfits with bright accessories (personality)

Let’s see what Colour Breakthrough is all about!

Colour Breakthrough is a 4 Module self-guided training program that gives you clarity to choose your colours that will make you look tantalizing, feel confident, and build trust within seconds.

Once you are in, you will go through the 4 modules that will direct your colour options based on nature and scientific observations. You will use a DESSERT™ method to gradually streamline your colour choices to produce good looking results. When you apply these strategies, you will KNOW how to select the best colour option for you for any occasion, for any environment, and for any purpose, regardless if your image goals are personal or business or both.


Colour Breakthrough course will teach you how to choose and wear colours to skyrocket your confidence, attract the people you want to attract like a magnet, and experience extraordinary opportunities in your business and / or  personal life.

MODULE ONE: Colour As A Language

Phenomenon of Colours

Why and How We See Colour

Colour Vision Deficiency

Colour Wheel

Mixing Colours 

MODULE TWO: YOU And Your Colour Direction

Your Natural Colouring

Different Colour Systems

DESSERT™ – first three letters

Colour Season

Your Best and Worst Colours

Your Colour Palette

MODULE THREE: Your Ideal Colour Combination

DESSERT™ – last four letters

Your Neutral Colours

Your Colour Personality

Your Focal Points

Your Ideal Colour Combinations

Your Signature Style

MODULE FOUR: Your Colours In Marketing And Branding

How to Choose Colours For Your Branding

Colour Psychology

Your Brand Personality

You Ideal Colour Context

Dressing For Your Audience

Who is this course for?

My clients range

  • from CEOs who want to elevate their image without losing approachability to mothers of three who own a business and want to wear outfits that will take them from playdate to networking event


  • from ambitious employees that are ready to step up on the company ladder to entrepreneurs who need to dress to build trust


  • from single women to divorced males who found themselves back in the dating pool


So, whatever reason prompted you to improve your image, if you want to use proven methods and systems that simply work, then yes, Colour Breakthrough is for you.


If you see and understand the value of your image

If you accept the fact that my knowledge and expertise can and will help you achieve what you want

If you are open minded, positively thinking individual who wants to wear outfits that represent who your are

If you are looking forward to take steps to make improvements in your overall looks.

If you feel no guilt in investing in yourself

If you enjoy learning process and you are looking forward to discovering different colour options to define your own style

If you understand the power of first impression

If you don’t underestimate overall visual presentation

If you haven’t given up upon your appearances

  Than yes, buying this course is the best decision you can make right now.


Hair Implications

Hair is a big part of your natural colouring and it deserves a special section within the course. You will learn about your ideal colour options based on your natural colouring if you decide to dye your hair.

You will learn what to do when your hair decides to change its colour without your permission.

And no, you will not be left out if you shave your head or nature decided otherwise. We will address bald individuals and men’s facial hair too.


Real draping session videos

You will have an opportunity to watch not one, not two but several real draping session videos to see not only how it’s done but also how clients respond to various colours both – visually and verbally.


Celebrity Examples!

More than 130 different examples of popular people organized by age and their colour season! Once you find the one closest to your natural colouring, you will have so much fun searching for pictures and see when they wore the right colours, when they did not look their best in that colour and why. You will know more than the celebrities themselves! Or they stylists for that matter. It took me more than three weeks to do a proper research to make sure the information I share with you is accurate. You will have so much fun with this one.



Imagine waking up on Monday morning knowing what you are going to wear for the rest of the week. Imagine actually looking forward to getting dressed because you will know that you will look resplendent and feel just like that.

Imagine being able to choose your outfits in just 25 seconds so you will have more time for a manicure and a short workout.

Imagine entering a store and walking straight to your best colour items, trying on ONLY the most appealing ones and leaving with the grin of an Olympic winner within 20 minutes.

Imagine having the door opened for you and getting the most delightful compliments from total strangers during the lunch break. It will not only make you feel phenomenal about your looks but it will also motivate you to match your appearance on the inside. You will want to use your endless potential to achieve your goal, whatever that is right now.

Imagine being able to make impeccable sartorial choices every time. For a

  • business meeting with your investors
  • public speaking opportunity
  • your cousin’s wedding
  • your own wedding
  • board meeting
  • job interview
  • regular date
  • blind date


a speck of hesitation, frustration, and guilt for wasting too much time at a store, spending too much money for the clothes that do not make you feel good about yourself.


Dbright, dark, cool

Ewarm, muted, light

S – bright winter

SBrilliant white and Navy followed closely by black, charcoal, black-brown, forest green, and Aubergine


RBest Colour: anything bright and contrasting

Tdark, tall, and handsome – high contrast colour combination

All this is possible and you are closer to it than you think

DESSERT™ is the only science and nature backed system that gives you EVERYTHING you need to know the strategy the step by step method the support to create your own colour palette that will become your guide every time you need to get dressed, put on makeup, polish your nails, or dye your hair.

PACKAGE 1 – Information

  • Instant access to all modules of Colour Breakthrough
  • Instant access to 20+ worksheets, cheat sheets, formulas, bonuses, and standard colour palettes for every single colour season.

PACKAGE 1 – Information One payment of $500

PACKAGE 2 – Consultation

  • Instant access to all modules of Colour Breakthrough
  • Instant access to 20+ worksheets, cheat sheets, formulas and standard colour palettes for every single colour season, and all bonuses.
  • Access to your image mentor (hint: me) on a one-on-one basis to help you solve your colour dilemmas

PACKAGE 2 One payment of $800

PACKAGE 3 – Transformation

(maximum 10 spots)

• Instant access to all modules of Colour Breakthrough • Instant access to 20+ worksheets, cheat sheets, formulas and  colour palettes for every single colour season and tone, and all bonuses. • Access to your image mentor on a one-on-one basis to help you solve your colour dilemmas • Personlized Colour palette (48 colours) and Colour Compass – your best colour guide (until you become a pro.) based on -your colour palette – your style personality     – your lifestyle   In addition, you will receive 2 months of full online support – after the last piece of information is delivered to you. … because you will walk before you run.


One payment of $1000

Get ready to become the person you were always meant to be


I am guessing there are questions swirling in your head right now.

Let me tell you, based on my own experience as well as those that I have seen in my clients’ closets:

The price that you paid all those years for your clothes, shoes, and accessories that you don’t wear is your tuition. What’s worse is that the price you paid for the clothes you wear that don’t make you look interesting and capable and attractive is the reoccurring interest you will continue paying until you have your DESSERT™ first.

Unless you go through every single module of Colour Breakthrough course and use the colours you wear for your Colour Breakthrough, every receipt for the clothes you are not sure about will add to your tuition for the university of not knowing.

What is Colour Breakthrough?
Colour Breakthrough is a 4 week training program that gives you clarity and confidence to choose your colours that will make you look breathtakingly great, feel immeasurably confident, and build trust within seconds regardless your audience.

    Once you are in, you will go through 4 modules that will direct your colour options based on nature and scientific observations. You will use a DESSERT™ method to gradually streamline your colour choices to produce good looking results. When you apply these strategies, you will KNOW how to select the best colour option for you for any occasion, for any environment, and for any purpose, regardless if your image goals are personal or business or both. Colour Breakthrough course will teach you how to choose and use colours to maximize your confidence, enhance your personal magnetism, and experience life changing opportunities in your business and personal life.

Who are you?
My name is Karolina. I am an image mentor to both male and female clients who want to elevate their image to a desired level whether for personal or business success while staying authentic. On occasion I help hopeless dressers look resplendent.

How is Colour Breakthrough different from other courses?
Colour Breakthrough course is the only course specifically on colours for image purposes. Every now and then you may come across FASHION courses that will teach you how to put a fashionable outfit together. These courses do not have YOU in mind, however. Their primary focus is to feature the clothes.   The main focus of Colour Breakthrough course is YOU, learning how to choose your best colours to create cohesive outfits that will make YOU feel comfortable in your own clothes and confident knowing that you radiate no matter what you wear. You don’t need to experiment with different fashion trends. You will learn what colours work for you, which never will and why. Just take every single DESSERT step and you will be able to select from fashion only the pieces and trends that work for you. Don’t forget, my signature DESSERT ™ is universal because it works for everyone on the planet regardless your origin, you hair situation, and you eye colour. I have been helping clients for half a decade and all of them loved what they learned. Because they can use it DAILY as long as they live. Talk about the improvements in your daily routines.

Is Colour Breakthrough for me?
My clients range from mothers of three on a maternity leave to CEOs. From ambitious employees to entrepreneurs. From confident female business owners to divorced males who found themselves back in the dating pool.   So, whatever reason prompted you to improve your image, if you want to use proven methods and systems that simply work, then yes, Colour Breakthrough IS for you.

How is Colour Breakthrough delivered?
  All the course materials are provided in a members only website. Once you receive an email with your logins, you will have instant access to all course material, bonuses, palettes, extra lessons so you can start learning at your own pace, ideally, module by module.   Each module has several mixed media lessons.

How much will it take to go through the course?
    Colour Breakthrough is a four module program. In theory, you can learn everything in 4 weeks but feel free to choose your own pace.

What are my payment options?
    If you do not require any extra help and you will be satisfied with the course content and the standard colour palette, with no on-on-one consultation,  then you will pay only $500.   If you prefer a human contact, I would recommend investing in either Consultation Package, which is $800 or Transformation package, which is $1000 even. However, only in the Transformation package I will create a personalized colour palette and Colour Compass (guide / instructions, manual) for you.

Will the colours I choose make me look younger, slimmer, and attractive?
    Yes, yes, and yes. This is just a fraction of what colours can do for you. If you let them. If you choose them right.

Will I have to buy a new closet?
  From my experience, there is always something in your wardrobe that works well to build your wardrobe content around. Perhaps you just don’t know how to combine it with your basics. Perhaps, (very likely) you are not sure about the colour. Don’t worry. Once you “consume” DESSERT™ there be only clarity about colours, I promise you.

How many 1:1 consultations can I have?
    Great question. I am glad you asked.   There are TWO options for you:

  1. After you complete your Colour Breakthrough course you will have a 60 minute one on one consultation with me about COLOURS. This applies to everybody who buys Consultation package (package 2).
  2. Similarly, if you invest in the highest package – the Transformation package (Package 3), you will book your session with me once you complete at least Module 3 and we will have a lovely conversation about your colours.

What support do you offer when I go through the course?
    Every customer who buys the second or the third package ($800 and $1000 versions respectively) will have a chance to consult me on colours for 60 minutes once they complete the course. Alternatively, you can book an extra online session with me (for extra cost). If you prefer all-inclusive in person consultation, you can ask me questions about colours, style, and image for the entire day or two directly in your house where your clothes live. I will drive/fly/swim or dig an undersea tunnel to wherever you are on the planet and my undivided attention will cost you US$ 10,000+ depending on where you live. To book your free Strategy Session click here:

Do I get a refund?
    I only work with dedicated clients who are READY for their image transformation and they focus on the outcome, not their way out of the commitment. No, you will not get a refund once you buy Colour Breakthrough program. If you are interested in a refund more than in learning, I don’t think that you and I can work together well. Please do not sign up.

What colour analysis systems do you use?
    Plural is correct as there are many. I have taken several courses and read many books (109 up to date) specifically on colour. There was always something missing. And I hate formulas: If your eyes are blue and your hair is purple and your skin is olive green… Argh!   I use my signature DESSERT™ method that I streamlined from everything I have learned. My clients love it because it works for everyone regardless their skin colour and their other natural colouring. The short answer is: I use a system that works.

If you are still on the fence, which I doubt, I assure you that the Colour Breakthrough is only a fraction of the time, money, and energy of what it would cost you to learn this on your own.

I have invested almost a decade, thousands and thousands of dollars, and a LOT of energy to learn everything that I will share with you for  $500, $800, or $1000 and to which you will have an access for as long as I am in business.

What could you buy and do not wear again for that much? Another 3 pairs of jeans, 2 cashmere sweaters of a wrong colour, a coat, a suit?

Perhaps next time when you go shopping not knowing what exactly for, you will reconsider. Perhaps, it is time to invest in yourself. It’s your choice.

This course will change your self-perception…forever

Get ultimate access to everything I know about colours

so you can know what I know and become your best image advisor forever. DESSERT™ is the only science and nature backed method that gives you EVERYTHING you need to know the strategy the step by step method the support to dress like you always wanted but never dared.     PACKAGE 1  Instant access to all modules of Colour Breakthrough Instant access to 20+ worksheets, cheat sheets, bonuses and colour palettes for every single colour season

PACKAGE 1 – Information One payment of $500

  PACKAGE 2   Everything from Package 1 plus  Access to your image mentor (hint: me) on a one-on-one basis

PACKAGE 2 One payment of $800

Or   PACKAGE 3 (maximum 10 spots) Instant Access to the entire course material 60 min one-on-one Colour consultation session with me. Custom Colour Palette (48 colours)  Colour Compass – blueprint on the use of colours becase there is one thing to know which they are but utterly another how to wear them.   You will know EVERYTHING that other professionals charge thousands of dollars for without ever telling you their secrets. You will know EVERYTHING you need to shop, dress, and look just as you want on a daily basis until it becomes your second nature. You will know EVERYTHING you need to achieve the ultimate stage of liberation when it comes to your everyday need to get dressed. You will look like a million dollars. And feel just like that.

PACKAGE 3 One payment of $1000


If you find my charisma irresistible, my knowledge about colours enviable, and you want to work with me on your entire style IN PERSON so you can ask my image brain and you shall receive right on the crime scene where your wardrobe lives, Click on the button below and we will discuss if I need to grow wings or dig an underwater tunnel to get from my house to yours and be at your image service for the entire day (or two).