Five W Questions



How asking 5 simple questions can save you money, guilt and embarrasment

and heal your clothes shopping addiction.



by Karolina Chic

Fair warning: a brief 1 min read on what to ask yourself when shopping for garments or when in doubt.


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Most people buy clothes, shoes and accessories without any concept whatsoever. Then they complain that they have nothing to wear. Don’t be one of those people. Asking critical questions that can turn your shopping and dressing habits into credible image in less than a month.


I teach my clients to ask more than 5 specific questions. I also shared with them one particular question that saves thousands of dollars in a single year or a month, depending on your monetary situation. But for now, here is a list of 5 W questions you should ask yourself whenever you find yourself in a store, attempting to spend money unnecesarily (again) just to lift up your spirits. It never works, by the way – the lifting up the spirits, but I am certain you have already learned this lesson.

So, what should you do instead of opening your wallet like an accordeon at every opportunity the marketing of various clothing brands works on you?

Focus on the basic Who? What? When? Where? Why? questions. 


1. Who am I buying it for?

•  Is it for myself or the illusion of myself living a different life?

•  Is it for my wardrobe that absolutely reflects my personality or my non-existant alter ego?

•  Is it for me because it flatters my natural colouring as well as my body features or for somebody who looks like the actress/singer/model who wore something similar on Instagram? Or my chic colleague Chelsea?


2. What will I wear it with?

•  Will it fit into my colour-based wardrobe smoothly or will I struggle to pair it with something I already own?

•  Will I manage to style and colour coordinate it with at least two pairs of my shoes or will I have to buy a new pair?

•  Will I be able to accessorize it with something I already have or will I have to buy a new belt/bag/hat?


3. When will I wear it?

•  Will I wear it this season or after I lose/gain some weight?

•  Will I wear it at least 20 times in the upcoming 6 months or will I barely put it on more than once or twice?

•  Will I have more opportunities to wear it after this one event or will I immediately resell it on eBay or Poshmark or a consignment store for peanuts?


4. Where will I wear it?

•  Will I wear it to work or just for errands?

•  Will I be able to turn it into a day-to-evening item by accessorizing it differently or will I just have to wear it for one type of clothing event (e.g. coloured-theme dress party)?

•  Will I be comfortable sitting in it for hours,driving a car, walking quickly, taking stairs or will it limit my wearing options?


5. Why am I buying this?

•  To wear every cent out of this piece, which implies wearing it often or just to increase my dopamine level for 3 minutes righ now?

•  To wear it with at least three, ideally five other pieces I already own or satisfy my ego that I can buy a piece this expensive?

•  To alter it to my body so it can fit like a glove or let it hang in the back of my wardrobe for months only to donate it later, unworn, because it was inexpensive anyway?


Visualize every question and visualize your answers even more. This 60 second shopping exercise will heal your shopping addiction, if that’s your problem and turn you in to a smart investor, who buys real estate instead of useless garments.


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