If you are into self-guided study, this is for you. Maybe you are an introvert (like me) or shy (not like me), or you simply prefer to learn independently at your own pace. You are an ideal candidate for one of my digital products (online courses).

Here is what you can choose from:





Brand Colour


Style Saviour


The absolute best way to start with (re)defining your image. A-Z complete style guide on everything you need to know about yourself to dress that fabulous and inspiring person. When you go through the course you will not only learn about ALL 5 pillars of impeccable style that nobody teaches but you will also understand every single detail about yourself – inside and out.


Colour Breakthrough


Colour can make or break your image. Yes, it has that much power over your looks. That’s why I highly recommend starting your image transformation with colours. And this is exactly what I do with my one-on-one clients.
I cannot wrap my head around the fact that even some of the highest paid celebrity stylists completely omit the most important element of people’s image – colour. Knowing your colours gives you an unfair advantage and you will be light years ahead of everyone.

Colour Breakthrough is a course on Colours For Image And Branding For Personal And Business Success. If you purchase my Colour Breakthrough course, not only will you get your colour palette on a silver tray but you will also get DESSERT™.

DESSERT™ is my signature method for finding your colours painlessly, comfortably, step by step. You will have an immediate and unlimited access to the course for as long as you need it and lifetime access to all upgrades at no additional cost.

I understand your current frustration and even your guilt for spending so much of your time, energy and money on something that isn’t serving you well. Colour Breakthrough will diminish all that in mere four modules, super effective worksheets, and value packed bonuses.

Colour Breakthrough will answer all your colour-for-image related questions forever. You will know exactly which colours to wear, how many at once, on what contrast level, and how to position them strategically so can select an outfit with a speed of light and radiate confidence while feeling like a million dollars. 



Brand Colour Breakthrough


This is a little branch out of my image business. My image clients encouraged me to share my colour knowledge beyond the application on humans. The minicourse on your brand colours that has an unexpected success.

Brand colours are your digital tribal wear.

In six lessons I will guide you through the entire brand colour selection process so you can find the best colour for your brand, website, ad, and logo and people instantly feel the message you want to convey.

You brand colours will reflect your culture, your purpose and your message.

Remember? People see colours first and create an immediate emotional response to them. You will choose that emotion and give it a colour. Thus you have your prospects’ emotions harnessed before they hurry to buy from you.


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